A holiday safety message from Dr. Sudit Ranade, Medical Officer of Health for Lambton County.

Open Letter to the Community

Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve come together as a community to keep Lambton a safe and healthy place to live. Just as Lambton Public Health staff and our healthcare partners have worked tirelessly to keep our community safe and healthy, you have also done your part to keep it that way – thank you.

Assessing Risk Activities

Limit all non-essential social activities. If you need to see someone or do something, be safe about it.

Lower Risk

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Shopping local but only during non-peak hours.

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Indoor physical activity such as skating, pools (non-crowded).

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Having a small dinner with only people who live in your household. Or make it a virtual dinner and share recipes with friends and family.

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Start a new hobby.

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Outdoor fun in your own backyard, a local park (non-crowded) or in the Lambton County community – tobogganing, nature trails, skiing, hiking (non-crowded).

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Read new books of interest.

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Watching sports events, parades, and movies from home.

Medium Risk

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Shopping in malls during non-peak hours.

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Outdoor public winter activities (nature walks, skating, skiing) in more crowded conditions.

Higher Risk

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Singing especially when in close proximity to others without barriers.

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Gathering indoors with people from other households including workplace get-togethers.

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Sleepovers or group birthday parties (indoors).

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Using alcohol or drugs during gatherings.

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Travelling for the holidays.

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Holiday shopping in crowded stores/malls.

Please continue to follow the public health safety measures and protect those who are most vulnerable during this holiday season.