COVID-19 has touched every part of our lives; it’s changed how we dress, how we attend school or work, how we play, and how we interact with each other. No one is immune to the changes COVID-19 has brought to our lives.

It is going to take supporting one another, through compassion and understanding, to get through this and make a difference.

We are stronger together: #LambtonStrong

Learn more about what YOU can do – your actions matter.


“After receiving our 1st Pfizer vaccine at the Point Edward arena in April, we received our 2nd one at the Clearwater arena last weekend. We were once again impressed with the amazing setup, efficiency & professionalism we experienced. Thank you to everyone involved in getting the vaccines distributed to our community!”

–  Lesley & Jeff Goodison 

“Just a note of appreciation for all the dedicated work that went into the organization of the ‘Get The Vaccine’ Program. Registration was so easy, the organization of the clinic was unbelievable, hardly any waiting time, and all your staff and volunteers were absolutely amazing. Hats off to a job well done! Thank you BWH and LPH.”
–  Wayne and Lenore Grant

“You’ve done it again! Our second shot at the Clearwater Arena Vaccination Clinic went off smoothly thanks to the staff and volunteers today. Your efforts are truly appreciated!”
–  Maureen & Robin McKay

“My wife and I had our 2nd shots the other day at the Point Edward Arena.I had heard that it was well organized. Oh my my my, I absolutely second that.Give credit where credit is due…Awesome!”
–  Eli Androschuk

“Thank you very much for the excellent clinic you are operating in Point Edward. On June 3rd, I went there for my second covid shot and was impressed with the volunteers, and the physical layout of the clinic. The beautiful artwork just added to the happy atmosphere. It took 29 minutes from the time of my appointment to the time I was driving out of the parking lot. Well done everyone involved!”
–  Sylvia Nimetz

“I just want to say thanks. I received my COVID shot at the Point Edward Arena. They were efficient, welcoming,  friendly and they all knew their jobs. When I saw the line up outside, I thought I’d be here for awhile. I was impressed. I drove into parking lot at 1 pm and they gave me my shot right at 1:10pm which was my appointment time. Outstanding. Wonderful!”
–  Marie Smith

“I cannot say enough about the COVID vaccine clinic at the Point Edward Arena. I was so nervous to go. Right from the parking lot there were so many friendly faces guiding you on where to park. Inside I could not walk a foot without encountering another smiling face telling me where to go next. The pharmacist who screened me was SO lovely. The nurses who vaccinated me were patient, kind, and funny. This vibe permeated the entire place. I got emotional walking in and seeing all of the artwork the students have made and I just thought “Wow, this is what we are really living”. It was a crazy feeling. THANK YOU so much to every nurse, volunteer, EMS, pharmacist, student, teacher, etc. that have all had a hand in making that experience the best it can be. I felt so re-assured and it could not have been a more organized and positive experience for me. Thank you! #lambtonstrong
–  Meagan Rae

Your staff from the Vaccine Call Centre are seriously so kind and accommodating. It’s such a pleasure when the person who answers is so willing to help. Thanks for everything you are doing to get the community vaccinated!
–  Shelby Laur

Lambton Public Health…..I have seen how we stack up against the other 33 health units across this province. We had a COVID exposure in our household and I can say with conviction that I am very glad to live where I do. Your handling of COVID has been exemplary in comparison to many other municipalities. You answered everything we needed to know without us having to chase down answers. Many in Ontario have not been this lucky. Your staff working the clinic today were  nothing short of brilliant.
–  Karen Dennis , RN

“Today I had my Covid-9 Vaccine and wanted to tell you how well organized you were, and that I appreciated the opportunity of everyone involved. The staff were very courteous and respectful. Kerry (who gave me the vaccine) was excellent.”
– Christine Johnston

“Kudos to the vaccination health team! My husband and I got our shots today at Point Edward Arena and we were so impressed with the process from start to finish. I cannot imagine the work that must have gone into this massive project! You are one well oiled machine! Thanks to everyone involved staff and volunteers alike!”
– Maureen O.

“My wife and I got to have our vaccination Thursday March 25 in afternoon. I want to compliment your staff , the whole process was straight forward, easily navigated and efficient. Thank You, you are doing an excellent job.”
– Arnold Anderson

Today I was so happy to get my first vaccine at the Point Edward arena. It was so very well organized moving a lot of seniors thru the system. As I watched this process I felt hopeful and encouraged, feelings that I have not felt in awhile. Thank you so much to all the staff and volunteers inside and out for all your hard work. We are very fortunate to live in Sarnia Lambton.
– Elaine Walker

“Just a quick note of thanks. My wife and I received our shots on March 25th and 29th at the Point Edward clinic. You are to be commended for a very fast, efficient and well organized process. We were in and out in less than 20 minutes including the wait time and all the personnel we came in contact with were polite and professional. A job well done and thanks again.”
– Dave Hains

“I’d like to compliment the organization for their skills in organizing the vaccine program. I received mine on Friday, March 26 in Point Edward. Everyone was friendly and it couldn’t have gone better. Compliments to all involved in this program. Well done to all!”
– Janet Simpson

“Thanks and kudos to everyone at the COVID VaccinationCentre.  It was so well organized and everyone was helpful and well prepared.You made it easy for us!!!”
– Ann Horodyski

“I just received my initial Covid vaccine shot and a BIG shout out is owing to all the folks who helped pull together the clinic at Point Edward arena. It was VERY well organized and run from the moment you pull into the arena parking until you exit onto the new road! Our community owes everyone involved a BIG pat on the back. Everyone working today was so upbeat and helpful it’s just totally impressive!!”
– Al D.

“I wanted to compliment Lambton Public Health on the well-run vaccine clinic at the Point Edward Arena. Both my husband and I received our first vaccine shot and were very impressed with the efficiency in how the clinic was run. We were very excited to receive our vaccine as we hope all people worldwide are. Thank you again.”
– Marg C.

“The vaccine clinic is VERY well organized 👏👏 . People move quickly and all the staff is polite and friendly. They are very knowledgable about vaccines. Thanks for organizing the clinic the way you have.”
– Shalleen C.

My wife Indira and I had our first dose of Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine on Tuesday, April 20th at the Point Edward Arena. The logistics and entire process of getting vaccinated was absolutely seamless. We wish to thank Dr. Sudit Ranade, Dr. Michel Haddad, Mayor Bradley and all the members of the Lambton’s COVID-19 Immunization Task Force for their leadership and organization of the vaccine rollout.
– Kumar L Radhakrishnan

Just a quick note to say what a wonderful job your team did at the Brooke-Alvinston Community Center on Friday, April 23. And I think I speak for others who attended the clinic, as well. The process was seamless from start to finish. Each part of your team acted in a very professional, friendly manner alleviating nervousness and ensuring we felt comfortable through the process. Kudos to all for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you to the entire team. Stay safe.
– Sandra Sporny

What YOU can do to help:

Your actions matter. What you do today affects more than just yourself. The pandemic has been hard on all of us but we know what it’s going to take to keep everyone safe. Basic actions work – they worked before and they will continue to work now.

masking icon
Wear a mask when required
physical distancing icon
Maintain physical distance
hand washing icon
Wash your hands often
staying home icon
Stay home and seek testing when you are sick
vaccination icon
Get the vaccine when you are eligible

We can get through this when we work together. We are stronger together.

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