COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus) Lambton Strong

Clearwater Artwork – Lawrence House Centre for the Arts

Artists at the The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts donated over 200 pieces of art to the Lambton Public Health Vaccination Clinic at Clearwater Arena to help turn a hockey “hub” into a community rallying point. 
“There was already so much [student art] at the Point Edward clinic; we wanted to do something a little different,” says Rachel Veilleux, Recreation Coordinator at the City of Sarnia and City of Sarnia appointed representative to The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts board of directors. “There are so many talented local artists who are part of this community and want to help.”

“We put the call out to artists via email and our social media channels, says Leonard Segall, Chair, Board of Directors at the Lawrence House. “That message was picked up by one of the local Facebook groups called ‘You Gotta Love Sarnia’ and soon we had over 200 local artists, from amateurs and elementary school students to local professionals who donated their work.” 
The walls of the clinic are adorned with all types of media, from photography to oil paintings. Some of the immunization pods also have poems written by local poets on their walls offering words of encouragement and strength to remind us that better days await.
“Artists are a very sharing community here in Lambton,” says Lynne Brogden, Past Chair at the Lawrence House. “Artists here just seem more open to collaboration and really exemplify the spirit of what’s needed through this pandemic.”

Everyone is encouraged to visit the Lawrence House when it reopens on August 6th to take in some more works by local artists. You can also view some of the works on their website

Thanks to all the talented artists who contributed to make the Lambton Public Health Vaccination Clinic at Clearwater Arena a brighter, more hopeful place. Throughout the pandemic we’ve heard of people stepping up to meet the challenges and changes brought on by COVID-19. These kinds of efforts highlight how connected we are, and are proof that getting through this takes all of us working together. Because we are stronger, together.


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