When the pandemic shut down her business, Sharon Lapier worked alongside a team of family and friends to provide over 3,200 handmade masks and other PPE to the community for free.

“With everything shut down we were just trying to be useful. Thankfully businesses and members of our community chipped in to pay for more supplies when we started to run out and needed to supply the school children with masks for free. We never would have been able to make that many masks without the help of our team of volunteers who cut and pinned so I could keep sewing. I’m a big believer you can’t do anything without a team. If we’re going to beat this we have to work together. I’m an older person with COPD. It’s very frightening and although I respect the choices of others, people must respect our needs. If we can do that, we will beat this together.”

Sharon Lapier, Owner of LaPiers Flowers and Gifts, Corunna ON

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