COVID-19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus)

COVID-19 Testing Criteria

The priority of the healthcare system is being able to test those who are most in need. Not everyone requires testing – individuals to be tested will require a referral.

The list of individuals recommended to be tested for COVID-19 has expanded.  Specific criteria related to symptoms and the local availability of test kits are also factors. Testing of asymptomatic patients, residents or staff is generally not recommended.

Current Testing Priorities in Lambton

Lambton Public Health is working with health system partners to provide testing to:

  • All residents and staff in Long Term Care facilities and retirement homes including those who do not have symptoms.
  • Symptomatic individuals:
    • Health care workers and staff who work in health care facilities
    • At institutional settings e.g. homeless shelters, prisons, correctional facilities, day care for essential workers, group homes, community supported living, disability-specific communities/congregate settings (as per outbreak guidance
    • Hospitalized patients admitted with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 respiratory symptoms (new or exacerbated)
    • Members of remote, isolated, rural and/or Indigenous communities
    • Travelers identified at a point of entry to Canada
    • First responders (i.e. firefighters, police)
    • Individuals referred for testing by local public health

Additional Priority Groups

Individuals without COVID-19 symptoms may be prioritized when increased testing options are available and all symptomatic individuals are assessed efficiently. All changes will be communicated to community.

Please refer to the detailed testing guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

Check Your Lab Results – Ontario Ministry of Health.