Navigating the reopening of schools, child care and day camps, both home-based and centre-based, is a challenging task and will require a team effort. We have created this space to help since the guidelines from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education change routinely. These resources are intended to support you and your teams to reduce or mitigate risks of transmission related to COVID-19. Please consider the following tips for implementation:

  1. Be practical – measures that have too many steps, are too complicated or too challenging to operationalize may not be sustainable and may not have much impact on disease transmission.
  2. Be kind – measures that aren’t implemented with kindness and caring intent will erode the social and emotional environment of your school.

General public health measures and specific restrictions can be found within Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopening and the Ontario Regulations 364/20 – Step 3.


Recommendations & Guidance

Return to School Plans 


Infection Control and Prevention in Schools

Symptoms & Testing

Teaching Resources

Child Care Centres

Recommendations & Guidance


Staff Education

Immunization Disclosure Policy

Individuals Covered by the Policy

  • School Board Employees/Staff
  • Frequent School Visitors 
  • Professionals who deliver services in schools and interact with students and staff, including third-party contractors. This may include: 
    • School Board Trustees
    • Occasional Teachers on a Supply List
    • Students on an Educational Placement
    • Volunteers
    • Student Transportation Drivers

Key Dates

  • By September 7, 2021: Individuals covered by the policy are expected to submit a formal attestation if they are “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination – i.e. upload or provide vaccination receipt(s).

Note – a process is being developed and more information will be shared when it is available.

  • By September 10, 2021: School boards are expected to share aggregated, depersonalized attestation statistical information with the ministry in an electronic format and continue doing so on a monthly basis.
  • By September 15, 2021: School boards are expected to publicly post aggregated, depersonalized attestation statistical information and continue doing so on a monthly basis.

Providing Proof 

  • Proof of Vaccination 
    • After vaccination, individuals with an Ontario photo health card can log in to the provincial portal to download or print an electronic COVID-19 vaccine receipt (PDF) for each dose received.
  • Proof of Medical Reason 
    • Proof of select medical reasons must be provided by either a physician or a nurse practitioner. More information will be available shortly in regards to the select medical reasons that will be included. 
  • Proof of Education Session 
    • Individuals who do not intend to be vaccinated, without a documented medical reason, will be required to participate in an educational session about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination. This session is still in development and information on how to access the education session will be shared when it is available.

Testing Requirements 

  • Additional guidance from the Ministry will be released in regards to testing requirements once the policy is confirmed in regulation. 
  • For now, please visit our COVID-19 Testing Criteria for Lambton County page for information on local assessment centers.


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