Frequently Asked Question(s)

Can hair dryers be used in a salon?

There is limited concrete data on whether this presents a risk of COVID-19 spread; however, blow dryers do have the potential to spread contaminated air and droplets around a room, if there is an infected person on-site, particularly if no mask/face covering is worn by the client (as a form of source control). Blow drying can be done if all staff and clients are masked and if cleaning and disinfection of instruments, equipment and workstation surfaces occurs between each client. For clients who cannot tolerate a mask/face covering, the appointment is to be made at the end of the day when there are no other clients on-site and the stylist is to wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Further guidance for Personal Service Settings.

I own a hair salon. How many people can be allowed in my shop at one time?

Calculate the number of clients allowed on the premises for ease of movement while maintaining two metres/six feet of distance from others. Note this requirement may be updated or changed based on provincial regulations.

Further guidance for Personal Service Settings.

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