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Community Update on the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus

Point Edward, ON – This is a community update on the novel coronavirus outbreak that began in China and has since spread to countries including Canada. We are working with the health care system and with other partners to ensure that we are prepared and can protect you.

As your local public health unit, Lambton Public Health‘s role is to locally conduct surveillance and monitoring for this disease, to manage cases and contacts to prevent or control outbreaks of disease, and to work with health system partners to ensure preparedness for diseases like novel coronavirus.

Details about this new coronavirus are changing all the time and we will keep you updated with important developments and recommendations. At this time, there are two (2) presumed cases in Toronto. There are other known or suspected cases in a few North American cities, as well as other major cities around the world. 

The symptoms of Wuhan novel coronavirus, which can include fever and cough, are similar to other respiratory infections, including influenza. There is no specific treatment for this virus, and there is no vaccine to prevent it from causing infections. Basic prevention for respiratory illness will help to protect you from this new coronavirus, including:

  • Ensure your immunizations are up to date, including your flu shot
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Isolate yourself from others when you are sick
  • Practice good cough/sneeze etiquette

As with other flu seasons, if you have severe or worsening respiratory symptoms, please contact your health care provider. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as things change. Learn more about the virus, travel-related impacts, and details from the Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Agency of Canada and World Health Organization.


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