Resources for Administrators

Lambton Public Health provides administrators with reliable learning supports to help build the skills and knowledge needed to enhance the well-being of their students.

School Dental Screening Program

Our dental screening program screens school children in JK, SK, Grade 2 and Grade 7 for oral health concerns. When we identify a child who has dental care needs, we will provide information and resources to parents and guardians to support early treatment and care. This screening is not intended to replace routine visits to a dental health professional.

A representative from Lambton Public Health will call your school to book your screening date. Call 519-383-8331 to learn more about dental screening at your school or programs to support your student’s in accessing services.

Access to Dental Care

Access to Vision Care 

Lambton Public Health will support schools, caregivers, and parents in accessing visual health services. Annual visits to the optometrist are covered by OHIP for children 19 years old and younger. Call 519-383-8331 to learn more about how you can support your students and families in accessing available funding for glasses

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Active Transportation

Being active on the way to school helps prepare students for learning by improving cognitive development and brain health, as well as memory and attention in the classroom. It can also help build social connections and independence. More students walking or wheeling to school means fewer vehicles, less congestion and emissions, and improved safety. For support increasing active transportation at your school, please contact the School Health Coordinator at

Exchange/Temporary International Students Immunization Records

A Guide for Exchange Students provides information and direction to exchange (or temporary international) students, their parents or guardians, and to exchange student agencies about immunization requirements to attend schools in the County of Lambton or Municipality of Chatham- Kent.

Exchange students attending a school in Lambton County or Chatham-Kent will only be admitted to school if their immunization status has been reviewed according to Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA).

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New School Registrants from Outside OntarioAll new school registrants who have moved to Ontario from another province or country should be asked to submit immunization records to LPH at LPH will follow-up with families to assess records and ensure vaccinations are up-to-date.

Guide to Common Childhood Infections

Lists common childhood illnesses, IPAC measures and exclusion criteria. S:\EH_PS\EH_PS_NEW\2. IDPC\2. IPAC Resources\CD-Infection Control

School Absenteeism Reporting Form and Diseases of Public Health Significance Reportable to Public Health

Aids in the tracking of absenteeism rates to help identify and manage outbreaks 

Diseases of Public Health Significance

Outlines diseases that are reportable to the Local Public Health Unit. 

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet

Health Canada Experiences: Ticks – Little bugs, big problems!

Interactive games, videos, resources, and a free tick exhibit to rent for your school, are all available through Health Canada Experiences.

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