Sexual Health Clinic

Lambton Public Health provides a range of sexual health products and services, including expert information and advice through our Sexual Health Clinic. Before booking an appointment at the Sexual Health Clinic, please review the requirements for the service you are booking. To make an appointment please call 519-383-8331 Ext. 3547

The following services are available at our Point Edward location:

  • Sexually transmitted and blood-borne infection testing and prescriptions
  • Pregnancy testing, options, and counseling
  • Emergency contraception

Birth control prescriptions, cervical swabs, and HPV treatment are also available through our Physician and RNEC clinic. This clinic is offered at specific dates and times. Please contact Lambton Public Health to see if you qualify and to book your appointment.

Sexually Transmitted or Blood Borne Infection Testing

Our clinic offers testing for sexually transmitted infections including Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. If you wish to be tested, it is important to follow these instructions:

  • Do not urinate for at least 1 hour before the appointment
  • Schedule an appointment at least 2 weeks after sexual contact of concern

If you are experiencing symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention or call Lambton Public Health at 519-383-8331 Ext. 3547 to speak with a nurse.

Pregnancy Services

Our clinic offers pregnancy testing, consultation about pregnancy options, and pregnancy counseling. To book an appointment, you must be late for your menstrual period. Providing a first-morning urine sample is preferred, but not required.

If your pregnancy test is positive, you will need to decide the best option for you.

This may be the following:

  • Continue with pregnancy
  • Continue with pregnancy and progress with adoption
  • End the pregnancy, legally, and safely

Lambton Public Health has compassionate, qualified, and experienced nurses who can offer assistance. We will support you in making the choice that is right for you. Once you have made your decision, our staff can help you navigate the healthcare system and connect you with the services you need.

Safe abortion services are available in Ontario and are legal and free for Ontario residents with a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card.