Your Kid’s Health

Shaping the health of your child requires positive interactions and a safe environment that is free of harm - at home, in relationships, and in your community. As children grow, and influences change, children require support to learn and practise positive behaviour, skills and lifestyle choices that support a healthy body and mind.

Stay Safe

As a parent, your job is to protect your child from harm. Kids look to you to keep them safe from injury, protect them from illness, and to teach them skills to navigate safely and make good decisions.

doctor gives young girl vaccination

What Kids Need:

Up to Date Vaccines
Have a Safe Home
Safe Food and Water
Have a Safe Environment
Group of young children in school hall

Healthy Bodies

A child’s physical, behavioural, cognitive and emotional growth development is a lifelong process that begins early and influenced by healthy lifestyle choices.

What Kids Need:

Physical Activity
Enough Sleep
Prevent Substance Misuse
Monitored Healthy Growth & Development
Balanced Nutrition
Prevent Cancer
Healthy Eyes, Ear & Teeth

Healthy Minds

Positive mental health requires your guidance and support to ensure children learn and practise the social and emotional skills needed to overcome challenges and reach their potential.

Two brothers sharing a laugh

What Kids Need:

Stay Mentally Well
Know how to Help in a Crisis
Seek Help for Mental Illness

Healthy Relationships

Positive interactions with your child provide the opportunity to inspire good relationship skills, teach them what makes a relationship healthy and to help children develop skills important for future health.

Father and child cutting veggies

What Kids Need:

Positive Parent/Caregiver Relationships
Skills for Healthy Relationships
Skills for Kindness and Empathy
Access to Help When They Need It