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Safe Environments for Kids

There are many ways to make your home safe for your children. Their safety outside of your home is just as important. When they are young, the best way to ensure your child’s safety outside of the home is to be with them, giving them skills to navigate safely and to make good decisions. As they get older, knowing where they are, what they are doing, and who they are with is important in ensuring their safety.

For young children outside the home:

  • Make sure you use car seats that are appropriate for the child’s age, height and weight
  • Supervise young children in play spaces, in and around water, and when around vehicle traffic
  • Make sure your child wears appropriate safety equipment, like bicycle helmets, and model this behaviour for them by doing it yourself
  • Teach them how to move safely in their environment and to look around them for risks, especially in and around water.
  • Teach them about basic safety skills and services like 911

For older children outside the home:

  • Know your kids and how likely they are to take risks – make sure they know where to get help when they need it
  • Get to know your child’s friends
  • Know where your kids are (and how to reach them) if they aren’t with you
  • Teach them the rules of the road, whether they are walking, cycling or driving
  • Teach them how to use social media and online tools safely – ensure their use is monitored and talk to them about how often and why they are online

For more information or questions about your child’s safety, contact Lambton Public Health.

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