Healthy Environments

Healthy environments help shape our world, allow us to achieve our goals and affect the physical, social and emotional well-being of our community.

Group of individuals out hiking

Social Environment

Good health allows us to achieve our goals, such as education, employment, or learning how to dance. Everyone should have a fair opportunity to be as healthy as possible no matter who they are, where they live, or what they have.

Young girl stands in a wheat field

Physical Environment

Our physical environment is a significant determinant of our health. The way our spaces are designed, built and maintained impacts our ability to move in those settings. It changes our ability to move through and be safe in our environment.

Group of young planners looking at computer

Policy Environment

Policies are important determinants of health because they shape how resources are distributed in our society, and they shape which values guide that distribution. Policies shape the influence of different interests, which can be good or bad for our health.