Lambton Public Health offers a variety of clinical services, products, expert information and advice to protect the overall physical, sexual and mental health of people of all ages.

Family with daughter having fun at home.

Family Health Line

Tuberculosis Bacterium, Healthcare And Medicine, Medical Test, Vaccination, Syringe.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

A pretty young woman having a conversation with her friendly dentist.

Dental Clinic

Mixed Asian young girl showing her arm with pink bandage after being vaccinated.

Immunization Clinics



Sexual Health Clinic

A Public Health Nurse with babies on a mat playing with toys at a drop-in class.

Ask a Public Health Nurse: Parent Drop-in Sessions

Aimee Dunkle, left, and Suzanne Larkin, right, distribute Naloxone kits in paper bags to homeless people in Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA.

Harm Reduction Program

Cute brown dog without breed stuck his muzzle and paws out of the car windows while traveling.

Rabies Vaccination Clinics