Partners & Professionals

Educators, health-care professionals and organizational partners play a vital role to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals by providing you and your family a critical point of access to health care.

Health Care Professionals

Supporting and assisting health care professionals in their daily work with health information, community resources, and educational services is integral to their role as they support individuals with health issues.

Examples include:

  • Notify Public Health of Suspected/Confirmed Reportable Diseases
  • Administer Publicly Funded Vaccines
  • Support Disease Prevention & Screening for Patients
  • Screen for Growth & Development
  • Refer Clients to Public Health Services – Prenatal Classes, Family Health Line & Other Clinics
Doctor gives young girl a vaccination
Portrait Of Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

What Health Care Professionals can do as a Public Health Care Partner:

Visit our newly launched Health Care Professionals web pages to access an array of digital tools and resources tailored to elevate the standard of care provided to our community. Health Care professionals can now access an expanded suite of support tools, including:

  • Clinical Support and Guidance
  • Comprehensive Infectious Disease Information
  • Resources and Vaccine Ordering Forms
  • Streamlined Animal Exposure Reporting
  • Facilitated Family Health Program Referrals


Supporting educators with a range of reliable, learning resources builds the skills and the knowledge needed to share and to support the well-being of their students.

Teacher helping a group of students

What you can do as a public health partner:

Be a Role Model for Health

Teach Skills for Healthy Minds

Contact Us About Reportable Diseases

Know How to Help a Student in Crisis

Teach Skills for Healthy Bodies

Teach Skills for Healthy Relationships

Refer Students to Help When They Need It

What we do for education professionals:

School Immunizations

Vision Screening

Schools as Workplaces

Dental Screening

Teaching (e.g. Healthy Relationships)