Healthy Places & Organizations

Whether you're dropping kids at daycare or school, heading to work, getting a haircut, dining out, or chilling at the beach or public pool, feel secure knowing Lambton Public Health works to create safe, healthy spaces that benefit everyone.

Group of office workers doing stretches

Healthy Workplaces

Workplace health is more than preventing illness and injury. A healthy workplace engages, improves and supports efforts to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of all employees and the organization.

Kitchen worker washes vegetables in sink

Restaurants & Food Premises

Lambton Public Health supports a food-safe community by working with the community to ensure food sold or offered to the public is handled, prepared and served properly and is safe to consume. Staff inspect food premises, follow-up on confirmed/suspected food-borne illness and provide food handling education.

Working on nails in salon

Personal Service Settings

Inspection, education and enforcement of all Personal Service Settings in Lambton County helps to reduce the potential risk of spreading infectious diseases to clients and staff.

water testing for pools

Pools & Recreational Water Facilities

Recreational use of water benefits the health and well-being of community residents. It’s important the water and the facilities are safe to use, to reduce the risk of drowning, injury and infectious diseases.

Group of high school students eating lunch


Working with schools and school boards, our team of health-care professionals strives to enable every school to be a place of positive health and well-being.

Toddler washing hands at daycare


Lambton Public Health inspects all licensed child care and Early Years facilities in our community to ensure the health of your child is protected against infections and illness.