Health Information

Opening a Pool or Recreational Water Facility in Lambton County

Recreational use of water offers countless benefits to health and well-being of community residents; but, if the water is polluted or unsafe, it can cause adverse health effects.

If you plan to open a new, public recreational water facility, or purchase an existing one – pool, spa/whirlpool, splash/spray pad, wading pool, waterslide basin –  there are several things to consider:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Ontario Public Pool Regulation
  • All Lambton County recreational water facility operators must notify Lambton Public Health (LPH) of a proposed recreational water facility
  • Complete and submit  “Notification of Opening/Re-opening” form to LPH
  • Talk with a public health inspector before starting construction or renovation of a recreational water facility to ensure all the requirements are met
  • Schedule a pre-opening inspection of the proposed facility with an inspector (two weeks notice is required)

If you plan to open or re-open a public pool, public spa or splash/spray pad, complete and submit the correct form below:

  • Public pool
  • Public Spa
  • Splash/spray pad

For more information talk with a public health inspector and contact Lambton Public Health.