Health Information

Pool and Recreational Water Facility Requirements

When it comes to a public recreational water facility, it’s important to make sure the water and the facilities people play in are safe to reduce the risk of drowning and other injuries and the risk of infectious diseases.  

If recreational water facilities are not operated correctly, bathers can be exposed to disease organisms that can cause skin infections, eye, ear and throat infections, respiratory infections, and intestinal infections, or can cause injuries.

Recreational water facilities include:

  • Pools
  • Spas/whirlpools
  • Splash/spray pads
  • Wading pools
  • Waterslide basins

Recreational water facilities must follow certain legal requirements. It is the responsibility of everyone working at the facility to make sure they know the rules and how the rules apply to them.

Lambton Public Health inspectors have the authority to inspect all public recreational water facilities and to conduct routine inspections to ensure the facility complies with Ontario regulations such as:

  • Water quality
  • Operation
  • Notification
  • Daily records and retention
  • Safety equipment
  • Supervision

For more information talk with a public health inspector at Lambton Public Health.