Health Information

Opening a Food Premises in Lambton County

Food sold or served to the public in Lambton County must be prepared in an approved facility. Lambton Public Health conducts inspections at local restaurants, grocery stores, variety stores, and other locations to ensure food safety.

If you are planning to open a new food premises, or purchasing an existing one, there are several things to consider:

  • All Lambton County food premises operators must notify Lambton Public Health of a proposed food premises
    • Complete and forward the “Notice of Intent to Operate a Food Premises” form found in the Start Smart package
  • Talk with a public health inspector (PHI) before starting any construction or renovation of a food premise to ensure you meet the requirements
  • Schedule a pre-opening inspection of the proposed food premises with a PHI (two-weeks notice is required)
  • Register for the Food Handler Certification Course
  • Learn about food safety in Ontario including Ontario’s Food Premises Regulation and check out the resources below

If you are opening, purchasing an existing one, or making renovations to an existing food premises, talk with a public health inspector and contact Lambton Public Health