Health Information

Restaurant & Food Premises Requirements

Food premises in Lambton County must follow certain food safety requirements. Some of the requirements are specific to the food, such as cold-storage temperatures, while others cover things like types of equipment that must be used.

It is the responsibility of everyone working in a food premises to know and apply the rules that help to keep food safe and reduce food-borne diseases.

Public health inspectors enforce the Food Premises Regulations by conducting routine compliance inspections of all food premises. Regulations cover such areas as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Equipment
  • Food temperatures
  • Food handling
  • Employee hygiene in a food premises

In Lambton County, every food service premise must have at least one food handler or supervisor, who has completed food handler training, on-site during hours of operation.

Lambton has a food safety disclosure program known as DineSafe Lambton. One element includes the posting of green, yellow, or red sign at the entrance to a Lambton County food establishment to protect and to promote the health of the public in our community.

Inspection results are posted online.

For more information, questions about food safety or have a concern about a food premises, talk with a public health inspector and contact Lambton Public Health.