Health Information

Opening a Personal Service Setting in Lambton County

Personal Service Settings (PSS) are businesses such as nail salons, tattoo and piercing parlours, hair and aesthetics salons and spas, and barber shops. All of these businesses provide services that can spread infectious diseases to their clients. Lambton Public Health educates, inspects and enforces infection prevention and control practices in these settings to ensure proper safety requirements are met.

If you are planning to open a new personal service setting, if you are purchasing an existing business or are undertaking renovations to your business, there are several things to consider:

  • Become familiar with Ontario Regulation 136/18 (Personal Service Settings).
  • Owners/operators of a PSS in Lambton County must notify Lambton Public Health of their intent to:
    • Operate
    • Expand services offered  
    • Reconstruct or renovate an existing PSS
  • Speak with a public health inspector before starting any construction or renovation to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.
  • Schedule a pre-opening inspection by an inspector (two weeks notice is required)

Register your Personal Service Setting or update existing information about your business.

For more information talk with a public health inspector and contact Lambton Public Health.