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Comprehensive School Health

In addition to the specific programs Lambton Public Health provides in schools for students, our health-care professionals work with schools and school boards to enable every school to be a place of positive health and well-being. This approach is called Comprehensive School Health.

In Ontario, many schools work on five foundations for a healthy schools:

  1. Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
  2. School and Classroom Leadership
  3. Student Engagement
  4. Social and Physical Environments
  5. Home, School and Community Partnerships

Lambton Public Health can assist schools in all five foundations by:

  • Offering curricular support and advice
  • Working with school resource networks to support school and classroom leadership and student engagement
  • Ensuring healthy physical environments:
    • Inspecting food premises
    • Managing outbreaks of some infectious diseases
  • Helping ensure healthy, social environments
  • Partnering with schools and the community to bridge the connection to healthy students, teachers and schools

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