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Extreme Temperature Alerts

Warming/Cooling Centres are pre-designated locations that become activated when Extreme Temperature Alerts are issued. They are intended to provide space for the public to get temporary, short-term relief from the heat/cold. These locations are offered throughout Lambton County by community partners including recreation centres, health centres, libraries, and other public and municipal buildings.

Warming/Cooling Centres operate during their regular business hours. They are not expected to provide extra amenities or services above what they already provide, and they are not expected to remain open beyond their normal business hours.

Warming/Cooling Centres are not available for extended or overnight stays.  Individuals experiencing homelessness who require additional support or emergency shelter will be supported through emergency shelter assistance coordinated through The Good Shepherd Lodge and Ontario Works:  Emergency Assistance – County of Lambton.

Heat Warning

Heat Warning for Lambton County is issued when one or both of the following conditions are met:
• Two consecutive days where the temperature is forecasted to be 31° C or higher during the day and 20° C or higher overnight.
• Two consecutive days where the humidex is forecasted to be 40° C or higher.

An Extended Heat Warning will be issued when the Heat Warning lasts longer than two days and continues for three or more days.

Learn more about Health Canada’s extreme heat event and the alert and response systems. Additional guidance is also available to support public health units and local partners in their heat response planning – A Harmonized Heat Warning and Information System for Ontario (HWIS).

Cold Warning

A Cold Warning for Lambton County is issued when one or more of these criteria are met:

• Daily predicted low temperature of –15° Celsius without wind chill.
• The wind chill reaches the level at which Environment and Climate Change Canada issues an Extreme Cold Warning; or
• Extreme weather conditions, such as a blizzard or ice storm.

Learn more about Health Canada’s information on extreme cold weather and how it might impact you.

Warming and Cooling Centre Locations

Below is a directory of all Warming/Cooling Centres in Lambton County listed by municipality. Note that any temporary changes in regular business hours due to holidays or weather will not be reflected in this list. For temporary changes in business hours, please access the facility’s website for details or contact them directly.

For any new locations in a community that want to provide access as a Warming/Cooling Centre, please contact Lambton Public Health at publichealth@county-lambton.on.ca, and we will review the request to list your facility.

Extreme Temperature Stakeholder Group

Lambton Public Health chairs the Lambton County Extreme Temperature Stakeholder Group (ETSG). Members of this group consist of local community agencies and organizations who work with and provide services for vulnerable populations including representatives who operate Warming/Cooling Centres in Lambton County. The ETSG works together to reduce health risks associated with extreme heat and cold among populations who are most at risk for heat-related illness and cold injuries.

For more information, or to get involved with this partnership, please contact Lambton Public Health at publichealth@county-lambton.on.ca.

Notification of Heat/Cold Warnings

Once an Extreme Heat/Cold Warning is issued, prompt notification to the public and to stakeholders and community agencies is critical to ensure that individuals and organizations can respond to protect themselves and their clients in a timely manner.

Public notification of Extreme Heat/Cold Warnings occurs through a formal Lambton Public Health news release and is subsequently connected to our website and amplified through social media. Heat and cold warnings are also issued through Sarnia-Lambton Alerts (formerly known as myCNN) to notify residents who have signed up for this service.

Any member of the public can also sign up for weather alerts through these options:

• Sign up for local text/email alerts: Sarnia-Lambton Alerts
• View current public weather alerts
• Sign up for email alerts from EC Alert Me
• Download the mobile WeatherCAN app
• Watch public weather broadcasts/news stations