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Healthy Eyes, Ears and Teeth for Kids

Every day we rely on our senses to navigate through the world. That’s why it’s important to check the health of our eyes, ears and teeth on a regular basis.

Dental, vision and hearing problems can impact your child’s life by affecting school success, and quality of life. Problems with eyes, ears and teeth can put a child at greater risk of injury, or could be signs of other serious medical conditions. Early detection, relating to eyes, ears and teeth, can help to correct issues before they become more serious.

There are plenty of ways to keep your child’s eyes, ears, and teeth healthy, including safety protection like a mouthguard, hearing protection and protective eyewear.

Healthy Eyes

Did you know, vision is one of the most important senses for child learning and development? Research shows that 80% of children’s learning is gained through their eyes and that one in four school-age children may have a vision problem. Vision problems can go unnoticed because kids often don’t know they are having trouble seeing, so they don’t’ complain to their parents or caregivers about their eyesight. For parents and caregivers, there is no obvious sign or symptom indicating a vision problem in their child. Vision is an important part of learning, playing, and growing. Early detection and treatment is important, as it can correct and prevent permanent vision loss. 

  • The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends children have a comprehensive eye exam at 6 months old, 3 years old, and once a year after that.
  • Annual eye exams by an optometrist are covered by OHIP for anyone 19 years old and younger
  • To find a local optometrist please call the Ontario Association of Optometrists at: 1-800-540=3837 or visit 
  • Call Lambton Public Health at 519-383-8331 to learn more about funding for eyeglasses 

Healthy Ears

  • Most newborns are routinely screened for hearing at birth in the hospital. If you have a newborn or infant and you have not done a hearing screen, hearing tests are available through Pathways Health Centre for Children.
  • Don’t put anything into a young child’s ear including cotton swabs and other objects inserted into their ears can cause damage
  • Limit exposure to high levels of noise, especially for young children
  • There are lots of reasons why kids might have poor hearing, from simple obstruction (like ear wax) to ear infections or other functional problems in the body
  • If you think your child may have a hearing problem, consult your health-care provider

Healthy Teeth

  • Brush your child’s teeth twice a day – you can use a clean washcloth to wipe their gums if there are no teeth
  • When children can brush their own teeth (around age 7), ensure that they brush for two minutes twice a day and floss at least once a day
  • Limit sugary foods and drinks to reduce the chance of cavities
  • Visit your dentist regularly

Lambton Public Health (LPH) supports healthy teeth:

  • LPH supports the addition of fluoride in our water to help protect your teeth

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