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Monitor Healthy Growth & Development in Kids

Watching your kid grow and develop is an exciting part of being a parent. Growth and development is a lifelong process that involves physical, behavioural, cognitive and emotional growth.

The first years of life are critical to a child’s development. Children grow and develop at their own pace, but usually reach milestones about the same time. Children with developmental problems face a higher risk for poor outcomes in many areas important to health, well-being, and success in life. Tracking signs of growth and development, and identifying and treating issues early, can improve your child’s health.

You may have many questions about your kid’s growth and development as they move from birth through to adolescence. If you have concerns, talk with your health-care provider.

There are many ways to see if your child is meeting milestones. The LookSee Checklist offers information on typical child development, as well as activities to enhance development. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire can also be useful to see how your child is growing.

The Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program available through Lambton Public Health offers a variety of free services and resources to help navigate parenthood and to better understand what to expect with your child’s growth and development, from birth to adolescence. If you have questions or concerns, talk with a public health nurse by calling our Family Health Line or visit an Ask A Public Health Nurse Parent Drop-in.

When your child is 18 months old, this is a good opportunity to connect with a health-care provider because early signs of delayed development can be found with simple tests.

At any age, visit your health-care provider to discuss your child’s growth and development.

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