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Public Health Work with Health-Care Providers

Lambton Public Health focuses on working with the health system to encourage health-care providers to work toward prevention of disease in addition to treatment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Getting patients to quit smoking, as well as treating disease caused by smoking
  • Screening children for growth and development flags – early detection and early therapy for speech and language delays can improve the quality of lives
  • Seeing patients in the context of their lives, and considering their values and expectations in decisions about their health

Lambton Public Health works with health-care providers in various ways:

  • Providing vaccines and ensuring they are kept in the right conditions for effectiveness
  • Engaging providers to reduce opioid prescribing
  • Requiring reporting of important infectious diseases
  • Encouraging routine cancer screening procedures
  • Responding to complaints about infection control practices
  • Working with regulated colleges to assess and mitigate risks

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For more information or questions about our work with health-care providers, contact Lambton Public Health.