Health Information

Public Health Consultations

Lambton Public Health provides consultation to health-care providers related to disease diagnosis, screening, treatment, and prevention to ensure health-care partners have information and recommendations to guide their decisions.

Common consults include:

  • My patient was bitten by a dog – should I give rabies vaccine?
  • What is the current first-line treatment for chlamydia?
  • How can I keep my vaccines at the right temperature?
  • What test should I do to diagnose measles?
  • I have a patient going abroad – what vaccinations should I give?

If you are a health-care provider, log in or register for an online account to access specific resources for health-care providers.

Contact Lambton Public Health if you have questions about:

  • Reportable diseases
  • Travel medicine
  • Infection control; or
  • Need to consult regarding a:
    • Patient
    • Disease
    • Health systems issue