Mental Wellness for Adults

Mental health is something we all have and good mental health is something we can all try to achieve. Like the word “health”, mental health is a positive idea. It’s a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being that helps us to reach our potential, deal with day to day stress, and contribute to our community1.

Just because a person has a mental illness, doesn’t mean they don’t have good mental health. A person can have good mental health even if they have a mental illness. And someone who doesn’t have a mental illness can have poor mental health if they are struggling. No matter who you are, good mental health is an important piece of your overall well-being.  

Mental health impacts our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we’re mentally well, we might notice2:

  • Trusting, meaningful relationships with others
  • Better performance in work or school
  • Better physical health including reduced mortality
  • Increased coping and resilience
  • More enjoyment out of life

Lambton residents say they are about as mentally well as the rest of Canada at 70% reporting very good or excellent mental health. You’re probably already doing something to stay mentally well, but there is more all of us can do. Just like our physical health, there are activities you can do to stay mentally well:

  • Be physically active
  • Listen to, dance to, or make music that means something to you
  • Spend time in nature
  • Volunteer
  • Surround yourself with people who love you
  • Put good fuel into your body – eat healthy foods, drink water, and limit caffeine, alcohol and drug use
  • Have a good sleep routine
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Every day, think about things you are grateful for in your life
  • Disconnect from screens
  • Set big and small goals and strive to achieve them
  • Build a sense of belonging within your community
  • Advocate for a mentally healthy community including access to health care for everyone, sufficient incomes, diverse, inclusive, etc.

If you or a person you care about is experiencing a mental health issue or crisis, speak with your health-care provider or visit Minds Connected to find mental health programs and services in our community.

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  2. Canadian Institute for Health Information