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Noelle’s Gift Ensures Healthy Food is Bountiful for Lambton Students

Point Edward, ON – This morning, Lansdowne Public School students welcomed representatives from Noelle’s Gift to thank the children’s charity for their recent donation of $23,511 to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program-Lambton (OSNP-Lambton). This funding will be shared amongst 39 Student Nutrition Programs in the County of Lambton to support the cost of healthy food for students in need.

“With this generous donation from Noelle’s Gift, our students are able to enjoy a healthy snack every day. This funding helps us give the gift of nutrition to our kids, which in turn makes them better learners. Noelle’s Gift is truly making a difference in our Landsdowne school community and we can’t thank them enough,” said Heather Robson, Resource Teacher with the Lambton-Kent District School Board.

This year, 39 schools in the region are participating in a Student Nutrition Program that serves approximately 8,100 students each day. “The advocacy from Noelle’s Gift for healthy food in schools is a wonderful example of community leadership that continues to enrich the lives of children and youth in Lambton County,” said Leslie Palimaka, Health Promotion Assistant for Lambton Public Health.  “Nutrition programs support healthy nutritional environments in schools, and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables by children and youth to better prepare kids for a full day of learning.”

The Student Nutrition Program receives provincially based funding from the Ontario Student Nutrition Program of 12 cents per student per day. On average it costs $1 per student per day to provide a healthy snack, making it necessary for schools to fundraise for the remaining money to cover the existing funding gap. Since 2013, Noelle’s Gift has provided over $188,000 to the Student Nutrition Program for the purchase of healthy food.

For more information or to donate, please contact Leslie Palimaka at 519-383-8331 (ext. 3011) or toll free 1-800-667-1839.


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