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Noelle’s Gift is a community leader for the Student Nutrition Program

Point Edward, ON – Noelle’s Gift Foundation has donated $65,000 to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program-Lambton (OSNP-Lambton) to support the cost of healthy food for students.

The Student Nutrition Program receives provincial base funding from the Ontario Student Nutrition Program of 12 cents per student per day. On average it costs $1 per student per day to provide a healthy snack, making it necessary for schools to fundraise to cover the funding gap that exists.

“When community leaders such as Noelle’s Gift step forward to financially support healthy food it relieves the fundraising pressure for schools and benefits students,” said Leslie Palimaka, Health Promotion Assistant at Lambton Public Health. “The enthusiasm and kindness from Noelle’s Gift is always at the heart of their community work.”

This year there are 38 schools providing a Student Nutrition Program that serve approximately 7,400 students every day. Nutrition programs support a healthy environment in schools, and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables of children and youth to better prepare kids for a full day of learning.

All school programs follow COVID-19 safety guidelines for the distribution of snacks to students.

For more information about the Student Nutrition Program contact Leslie Palimaka at 519-383-8331 ext. 3011 or toll free 1-800-667-1839.


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