Nutrition for Adults

Eat simply and eat together.

Where, when and with whom you eat are just as important as what you eat.

Mealtime is family time in many countries. In Canada, we sometimes squeeze meals between life, work and play, and family time around the table can lose out.

Family dinners help build relationships. It’s a way to catch up, talk and de-stress. Children who eat dinner with their parents five or more days a week have less trouble with drugs/alcohol, eat healthier, do better in school, and are closer to their parents than kids who eat dinner with their parents less often¹.

In general, meals eaten away from home tend to be less healthy than homemade foods and generally higher in fat, salt, calories and sugar – and it may cost more.

About 81% of Lambton County residents eat at restaurants, fast food or takeout at least once a week with 35% eating out 2 or more times in the past week².

Cooking as a family, or shopping for groceries together teaches important life skills, about healthy food choices, and builds reading, financial and math skills.

When we make healthy eating part of our social life, we get benefits that extend beyond food.

Cook and eat healthy meals together, as often as you can. Visit the links below to learn tips and ideas for you and your family.

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