Safe Homes

The physical structure of a home, and the things we do, and don’t do, around our home can pose a number of injury-related risks for people of all ages. Falls are one of the most common household injuries. Others include poisoning, burns, choking and drowning.

While we can’t always make our surroundings completely risk-free, we can reduce the risk of injury through awareness and preparedness.

Some hazards are obvious, like a wet floor, uneven surface, slippery stairs, or scattered toys. Other risks are hidden or invisible, like sharp edges on furniture, radon, and standing water in and around your home.  Home safety is about recognizing hazards, removing or reducing risk, and educating family members to ensure everyone is safe:

  • Always be aware of, and on the lookout for, potential safety hazards
  • Make repairs as quickly and as safely as possible
  • Create an emergency plan
  • Keep emergency numbers handy
  • Check with Health Canada for product recalls, etc.