Food & Water Safety for Adults

Each year in Canada, food-borne illness (food poisoning) affects more than 4 million people; mostly from food prepared in the home. Symptoms usually last 1-3 days and in some cases can be life-threatening.

Lambton Public Health (LPH) works with the community to prevent or reduce the burden of food-borne illness by:

  • Inspecting food premises
  • Following up on confirmed/suspect food-borne illness
  • Providing safe food handling education

Events like Walkerton remind us of how important it is to make sure our water is safe to drink. LPH also works with government agencies and the community to prevent or reduce the burden of water-borne illness/injury by monitoring the quality of water that is used for drinking and for recreation. We will issue advisories to the community as to water use as needed.

Help prevent harmful bacteria from making your family and our community sick: