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Influenza B Confirmed and Circulating in the Community

Point Edward, ON – Lab confirmation of a local case with influenza B signals the virus is circulating in the community. The individual is in their 60’s and is currently hospitalized.

Early reports indicate influenza cases are lower across the province, likely due to enhanced public health safety measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Respiratory illnesses like influenza and COVID-19 can have a significant impact on our vulnerable populations. Individuals with weakened immune systems or underlying health conditions have more difficulty fighting off any related illness. This results in more severity of illness and increases the need for hospitalization.

Reducing hospitalizations is vitally important, particularly with COVID-19 rapidly placing more demands on hospitals in regions with significant case numbers and outbreaks. Capacity in hospitals, including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), is an indicator of health system pressures that typically follow increased cases in a community.

We all have a role to play in protecting others, including our most vulnerable populations. That is our reason, and one that we can all support and work together to achieve.

“Reducing the transmission of influenza essentially requires individuals in our community to follow the same public health safety measures in place for COVID-19,” says Dr. Sudit Ranade, Lambton’s Medical Officer of Health. “Individuals can make a difference by following the public health guidance and look for support from businesses and organizations to limit the risk to individuals, employees and clients or patrons, through continued adherence and implementation of public health safety measures.”

We are stronger together. Our health care system depends on you.

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