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Getting vaccinated is your best protection against severe outcomes of COVID-19.

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Who Can Get Vaccinated & When

  • Individuals 6 months and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine primary series
  • Individuals 5 years and of age and older are eligible for a bivalent COVID-19 fall booster dose.

Recommended and Minimum Intervals: 

Primary Series:

  • For individuals 6 months and older, the recommended interval between 1st and 2nd doses is 8 weeks.

Booster Doses:

  • Healthy individuals under 65 years of age are recommended to wait six months (168 days) since their last dose (minimum 3 months, 84 days). 
  • Those at high risk of severe outcomes of COVID-19, including those 65 years and older or those who are immunocompromised, are recommended to wait three months (84 days) since their last dose.

For more details about eligibility, recommended intervals and information about immunocompromised individuals, visit: Ontario Vaccine Eligibility.



Where to Get Vaccinated

Access to the COVID-19 vaccine is available through community clinics, participating pharmacies and select primary care providers. Community Clinics are by appointment only. Check back often, as new appointments and clinic dates are regularly added.

Participating Pharmacies

Visit the following site to find pharmacies offering COVID-19 vaccines: COVID-19 Vaccine Pharmacy Locations.

Select Primary Care Providers

Some healthcare providers are offering COVID-19 vaccines to their patients. Contact your provider for more information.

Community Clinics

Lambton Public Health (Ages 6 months – 11 years)

Location Map – in Point Edward

March 24, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Scheduled appointments are required – book online or call us.

Point Edward Arena (5 years & older)

Location Map – in Point Edward (the Optimist Hall)

March 28, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Scheduled appointments are required – book online or call us.

The Shores Recreation Center (Age 6 months & older)

Location: 7883 Amtelecom Pkwy

No clinics are scheduled at this time.

Scheduled appointments are required – book online or call us. 6 months+ years of age for all eligible doses

Wyoming Fairgrounds (5 years & older)

Location – in Wyoming

No clinics are scheduled at this time.

Scheduled appointments are required – book online or call us

Vaccine Receipts and Reporting

Download your Enhanced Vaccine Certificate

  • If you require assistance please contact us – 519-383-8331, toll-free at 1-800-667-1839
  • Residents may also download/print their receipts at Lambton County Libraries, free of charge.

Out of Province Reporting

If you get a COVID-19 vaccine outside of Ontario, you should register it so you can:




Should I still get the vaccine if I have already had/have a COVID-19 infection?

If you have recently had COVID-19:

It is recommended that you wait at least 2 months (56 days) after symptom onset or positive test to receive a primary series dose (e.g. first or second dose)

It is recommended that you wait at least three months (84 days) after symptom onset or positive test to receive a booster dose; six months (168 days) may provide better immune response.

Immunocompromised individuals should consult with their health care provider about timing.

Do I need to wear a mask to my appointment?

Yes, masks are required at all public health community clinics. If you are unable to wear a mask, let the clinic staff know when you arrive.

What vaccines are available at community clinics?

The following vaccines are currently being offered at Lambton community clinics. The brand of vaccine offered at our clinics may vary depending on supply, but all approved vaccines are safe and effective.

6 months to 4 years: Monovalent mRNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer)

5+ years: Monovalent and Bivalent mRNA vaccines (Pfizer)

18+ years: Bivalent mRNA vaccine (Moderna)

Novavax is available to those 18 years and older who are not able to receive an mRNA vaccine, or would prefer not to receive an mRNA vaccine. Novavax appointments can only be booked through our call centre – 226-254-8222 and this vaccine is not offered at our community clinics.

What is a bivalent vaccine?

Bivalent vaccines are vaccines that target two different viruses or two strains of the same virus. The bivalent COVID-19 vaccine is an updated version of the COVID-19 vaccine that targets the original COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variant, which is currently the dominant variant in circulation in Ontario. Bivalent vaccines are now being administered as booster doses to eligible individuals. Bivalent vaccines are formulated to better protect against the currently circulating COVID-19 variants. They can also help restore protection that has decreased since previous vaccination.

Do I need a referral from my doctor or proof of condition if I am immunocompromised?

If you are receiving your first dose, please obtain a referral form or letter from your health care provider if you are immunocompromised. Ensure you discuss optimal timing for vaccination with your provider.

Appendix H of Ontario’s COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance lists immunosuppressive medications. Prescriptions or medication bottles for the medications in the table may be presented at the clinic as proof of condition. If the immunosuppressive medication is not listed, a referral form/letter from a health care provider is required to obtain a 3-dose primary series.

You do not need to show a referral form or proof of condition if you are receiving a booster dose.

What should I expect after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine?

Similar to medications and other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine can cause some side effects, although not everyone will experience these. Most side effects are minor and don’t last very long.

Common side effects include pain, redness, swelling at the site where the needle was given, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, and low fever. Taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help relieve these symptoms. Serious side effects are rare. Call your health care provider or go to the nearest emergency department if you develop any reactions within 3 days of receiving the vaccine: hives, swelling of your face or mouth, trouble breathing, very pale colour and serious drowsiness, high fever (over 40°C), convulsions or seizures, or other serious symptoms (e.g. “pins and needles” or numbness). Please also report these more serious side effects to Lambton Public Health.

Things to remember after you receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

The vaccine is an additional way to protect yourself against COVID-19. After either dose of the COVID-19 vaccine you should continue to follow COVID-19 measures (wearing a mask, practice physical distancing and washing your hands).

Monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and follow public health guidance.

Avoid receiving a TB skin test until at least 28 days after receiving a dose of COVID-19 vaccine

What if I don’t have transportation to a community clinic?

Local organizations are offering transportation for those who need it. Contact below for more information:

Canadian Red Cross – 519-332-6380
Free to anyone 50+ or those with disabilities who do not have access to a vehicle, public transit, or an other form of transportation

Lambton Elderly Outreach (LEO) – 519-845-1353 ext 360



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