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We work to keep you, your family and our community safe and healthy.

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Effective March 21, 2022

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Health Information

Your Health

Shaping the health of you and your family means feeling safe, secure and free of harm – at home, in relationships, and in your community. Your individual well-being and overall health is supported through healthy lifestyle decisions in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Three women laughing and smiling.
Family of four smiling.

Your Kid’s Health

Shaping the health of your child requires positive interactions and a safe environment that is free of harm – at home, in relationships, and in your community. As children grow, and influences change, children require support to learn and practise positive behaviour, skills and lifestyle choices that support a healthy body and mind.

Healthy Places & Organizations

Whether you’re dropping kids at daycare or school, heading to work, getting a haircut, dining out, or chilling at the beach or public pool, feel secure knowing Lambton Public Health works to create safe, healthy spaces that benefit everyone.

Three people enjoy lunch at restaurants nearby
Three people enjoy lunch at restaurants nearby

Healthy Environments

Healthy environments help shape our world, allow us to achieve our goals and affect the physical, social and emotional well-being of community.

Professionals and Partners

Educators, health-care professionals and organizational partners play a vital role to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals by providing you and your family a critical point of access to health care in our community.

Three office workers reflect on employee health

Public Reports

The public reporting process ensures the residents of Lambton County have quick, easy access to information relating to inspection results of restaurants and personal service settings, to public health focused reports, and to our strategy and performance.

Inspection Results

A map of Lambton County that displays all the points of restaurant inspections.
Information reports from inspections and investigations