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Vaccines and Cold-Chain Inspections for Health-Care Providers

Vaccines are an important aspect of supporting a safe and healthy community. Lambton Public Health (LPH) provides publicly funded vaccines to all approved health-care providers (HCPs).

We inspect approved vaccine fridges to ensure that they are following the Ministry’s guidelines to ensure vaccine effectiveness.The cold-chain inspection program is mandated by the Ministry’s Vaccine and Storage Handling Protocol, and inspections are completed on all approved vaccine fridges once a year at all locations where publicly funded vaccines are stored.

For more information or questions about public health provided vaccines or cold-chain inspections, contact Lambton Public Health.

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Routine Immunization Schedules

Publicly Funded Immunization Schedules for Ontario
Immunizing on schedule ensures the maximum possible protection from vaccine-preventable diseases and offers the best immunity possible. It is important that all providers who administer vaccines are familiar with the appropriate schedules, found below.

• Canadian Immunization Guide
• Ontario’s Routine Immunization Schedule 

School Vaccine
• Public Health Ontario Hepatitis B Catch-up Schedule for Adolescents 16-18 Years Published: August 11, 2022
• Public Health Ontario Hepatitis B Vaccines and Schedules Published: August 2022

Exemptions from Immunizations

Medical Exemptions
Statement of Medical Exemption Forms are to be completed and signed by a physician or nurse in the extended class. Parents or guardians of the student are to return the original completed form (hard copy) to Lambton Public Health and keep a copy for themselves.
• Statement of Medical Exemption Form for School-Aged Children
• Statement of Medical Exemption Form for Children Attending Licensed Child Care Centres 

Non-Medical Exemptions
To learn more about the non-medical exemption process, please see the following document:
• Temporary Immunization Exemption Process for ISPA Non-Medical Exemptions: Parent Information
• Or visit the Ontario Ministry of Health’s website

New Vaccine Site Application Process

If you are a Health Care Provider in Lambton County and want to receive publicly-funded vaccines, please complete the New Healthcare Provider Application.

How to submit your completed forms by:
• Email to
• Fax to 519-383-7092.

We will contact you to set up a vaccine fridge inspection appointment. Prior to a fridge inspection, you must set up and record your fridge temperatures in a temperature log twice a day for at least 7 days.

Vaccine Storage and Handling – Cold Chain Management

Local public health units are required by the Ontario Ministry of Health to conduct inspections of refrigerators that store provincially funded vaccines. 

It is important that you contact Lambton Public Health immediately if the temperature of your vaccine fridge falls outside the range of 2°C – 8°C, by calling 519-383-8331, pressing “0” and asking to speak to an immunization nurse.

The following resources outline the guidelines and procedures for cold chain management (*if the forms do not open, try a different browser): 
• Vaccine storage and handling Guidelines Protocol
• Printable Cold Chain Temperature Log Book
• Cold Chain Incident Exposure/Wastage Report
• Vaccine Cold Chain Maintenance Inspection Report – For routine annual inspection 

Completed reports, fax to: 519-383-7092

Vaccine Orders and Returns

Please ensure all orders are requested in compliance with the Publicly-Funded Immunization Schedules for Ontario.

To order vaccines, please complete the appropriate form;
• General and School Vaccine Order Form 
• High Risk & Special Order Vaccine Order Form
• Vaccine Supplies Order Form
• Vaccine Return Form
• COVID-19 vaccine order form
• Flu Vaccine Order Form – *available seasonally
• LPH Flu clinic information *updated annually

How to submit your orders:
Fax 519-383-7092

*All vaccine orders must be accompanied by a temperature log for the past 7 days, including the current date

If you are a Health Care Provider in Lambton County and want to receive publicly-funded vaccines, please complete the New vaccine site application process.

Report Adverse Events Following Immunization

Report an adverse event

Immunization Resources for Patients

Recording and Reporting Immunizations
• Refer parents/guardians to the LPH website to report their child’s immunizations.
• CANImmunize is a digital vaccination record for Canadians to securely store vaccination records and remind parents to vaccinate on time.
• Your child’s vaccine schedule (Government of Canada).

Vaccine Resources for Patients
• Vaccine Safety information (Public Health Ontario).
• Vaccine information questions and answers (Immunize Canada).