View and Report Immunizations

Access Immunization Records or Report Immunizations

To access Immunize Connect Ontario (ICON), you’ll need your child’s Ontario Health Card. The site will prompt you to create a PIN. If you need assistance, contact us by email at or call 519-383-8331 ext. 3589.

Use the site ICON to:

  1. View or print an immunization record for your child (includes any vaccines that have been reported to public health)
  2. Report immunizations to Lambton Public Health. Upload a picture of your record to ensure accurate records.

By law, it is the parent’s responsibility to report all vaccines to Lambton Public Health.

ICON should NOT be used to record your COVID-19 vaccination. All COVID-19 vaccines are recorded on COVaxON and a copy of your record can be accessed on the Ontario Health website.


Do you need a copy of an immunization record?

If you have uploaded records of vaccination on ICON you can access digital copies of these records at any time on this portal. You will need your personal health information (e.g. Health Card) to access these records.

If you have previously reported vaccinations to Lambton Public Health or Lambton Public Health has administered vaccinations these will also be included on ICON. If you are having difficulty accessing your records contact Lambton Public Health at or 519-383-8331 for a copy of your child’s immunization record.

*Note: COVID-19 vaccines are recorded in the provincial system COVax at the time of administration, click to find out how to download proof of COVID-19 vaccination.


Children can be exempted for medical reasons, conscience or religious beliefs. Learn more about the exemption process.

However, a pupil who is not vaccinated may be excluded from a school due to an outbreak or an immediate risk of an outbreak of a designated disease.

What do I need to do if my child receives a school reminder letter?

Each year LPH sends reminder letters to students who do not have complete vaccination records and are at risk of suspension. If your child receives a letter:

1. Ensure your child’s immunization records are up to date. 
2. If they are up to date with their required immunizations, ensure they have been reported to LPH. 

A school vaccine reminder letter has been sent because the immunization status and records for the student are not up to date. Students will be removed from the list once their immunization information is reported to Lambton Public Health and the records are verified as being up-to-date. Lambton Public Health will provide the school with an updated school suspension list prior to the start of each school year.