Respiratory Illness

Protect yourself from common Respiratory Illnesses

As a community, we need to protect the most vulnerable. Many young children are most susceptible to respiratory viruses, and adults can transmit to them. Families and individuals that support children under five years age need to use extra caution to limit exposure. The Chief Medical Officer of Health is strongly recommending that Ontarians mask in all indoor public settings, including in schools and in childcare settings.

Actions include:

Stay up to date with your vaccines
Screen for respiratory symptoms daily
Stay home when you are sick
Always practice good hand hygiene and regularly clean surfaces
Mask indoors (public settings), including schools and childcare settings

Respiratory Illness Precautions

Public Health Advice
Vaccines to Boost Immunity
Take a self-assessment
Workplace Health & Safety
School and Child Screener
Testing and Treatment
Covid Cold & Flu Clinics
Proof of Vaccination

Local COVID-19 Surveillance Report

This report provides details about confirmed COVID-19 cases, vaccinations, and system capacity in Lambton County.